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Rich wine store with a wide range of local and international wine.

Particular focus on local wine, produced in Ticino, especially on the products made by the company Vini & Distillati Angelo Delea in Losone, which offer a large choice of wine, bubbles, grappa, distillates and balsamic vinegar made with Americano Grapes.

“In order to create refined wine such as Diamante, Carato Merlot, Carato Riserva, Carato Bianco, Il Chardonnay, Il Sauvignon, Apocalisse, Chiar di Luna, or the sparkling wines such as Charme, Charme Rosé and Noir, we need to cultivate vineyards spanning over 20 hectares, and we work in collaboration with about 200 wine growers that ensure a production of about 600’000 bottles yearly. Our goal is to offer a passionate unique and intriguing experience with every single sip.”

Angelo Delea, Losone, 2018

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