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The frets are placed on the diagrams in a logically and aesthetically pleasing way. The fretboard diagrams can be printed on standard 8.5" x 11" or A4 (8.27" x 11.69") paper and a range of paper types and weights are included with the program. See the Neck Diagrams Tutorials for information on using the tool, including how to create shapes for the neck, how to create your own neck shape from a fretboard diagram, how to use the included scales, chord structure and fretboard diagrams and other cool things. Features: Easy to use Frets are placed on the diagram logically and aesthetically Places C, D and G above middle C, depending on the guitar tuning Includes over 50 standard shapes for guitar necks Includes over 50 standard scales (major and minor) and chord structure Includes fretboard diagram of C major 7th chord (but check your guitar or tab) Includes a chord structure printout for the last fret (chord logo) Places chords above middle C depending on the guitar tuning Supports bass and pedal steel guitars Supports standard tunings Automatically includes standard notes and colors for the major and minor keys Includes standard shapes and colors for fretted instruments Includes standard shapes for fretted and non-fretted instruments Supports non-standard tunings Includes standard colors for non-fretted and fretted instruments Supports hard hitting and soft strumming styles Supports soloing and accompaniment styles Supports up and down picking styles Supports open tuning Supports alternating picking styles Supports alternate picking styles Supports single string, two string and muting styles Supports acoustic guitar styles Supports bass styles Supports baritone and tenor sax styles Supports standard string length and string type Includes standard and custom fret shapes Includes standard and custom fret colors Supports custom fret shapes Supports custom fret colors Supports custom fret types Supports custom fret sizes Supports custom string length and string type Supports custom string thickness Supports custom string tension Supports custom plectra type Supports custom frets Supports custom fret




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Neckdiagramsfullversionfreedownload iolefr

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